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Nancy Larson Science Question?


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Anyone using Nancy Larson right now that can tell me how it is going for them now??? And, specifically, I am looking at this for a 4th grader....any thoughts on that? We have done mostly "nature study" and she is completely bored to tears this year and I can't blame her....just trying to make a good decision about what to get....I love the look of Nancy Larson, the scripts and the package of supplies! I was also looking at RSO or Elemental (maybe Chemistry or physics)...any thoughts at all would be appreciated...

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Oh, Oh, Happy Dance and Happy Feet! Nancy Larson has absolutely made me a believer. My children have used Science 1, which is Life science. My bf kept telling me how wonderful NLP Science was and convinced me to give it a try. I love this program! It's SO easy to teach and the kids learn, and they remember it, and they use the science knowledge in other areas. SO I know they are really getting it. All the planning is done, so I have NO prep time. Love it!

My kids are young, so I can't help with your 4th gr. I called my friend, she used Science 2 last year with son 11 yr, and this year bought Science 3. She says it's wonderful. Her son (and she) learned a lot about physics, forces, gravity, machines, light, and sound. Cool thing, when they ended the year with ornithology, her son made the connections between the physics and birds. (He explained how birds feet, beaks and wings are simple machines and which forces help or hinder them in flight.)

This year Science 3, they are studying Earth and Space science, and she says he loves it. Her son is bright, but has motor problems. His writing has improved using the Nancy Larson Science. She's thrilled.

Wondering? Have you checked out www.nancylarson.com? I know there are parent reviews on www.bloomingscientists.com.

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