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How can I put music from an apple-formatted ipod onto a windows computer

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My son inherited an ipod formatted with an apple computer. It has lots of good music on it that he doesn't want to lose. He would like to be able to put new music and stories on it. Our computers run windows. To manage his ipod from his laptop, he must reformat it. How can we get his music off his apple-formatted ipod and into his windows iTunes library so he can switch thing in and out of his ipod? He has a smaller ipod with limited memory (not like my humungous classic GRIN).


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I'd give this a try. I am sure it can be done. The only thing that might be more difficult is if the mp3's were bought online. If they were copied from cd's I think it will be easier.


If the directions don't work from this site, let me know and I will try to figure it out on my computers. With iTunes for windows I am sure it can be done.

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