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FLVS question for FL residents - help please

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If you are registered with an "umbrella" school (for homeschooled students) that has a FL Dept. of Education number and is considered a private school, do you have to fill out an "intent to homeschool" form via your public school district and drop the private school registration prior to enrolling in FLVS high school courses?


It seems that you do not have to do this from what I've read. And that you can go ahead and enroll in FLVS as a private school student.


Just thought some of you more experienced FLVS high school parents would be able to verify I am correct in that understanding??



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I am in FL and we have used FLVS while my D was under an umbrella school. I was told by our county that we still had to file as homeschool students. IMHO that was incorrect information, because the umbrella school is a private school, but I did not pursue it further because D did not like umbrella school and discontinued using them.


In the meantime I have learned that our county reps don't always have the right answers so I end up calling Tallahassee quite a bit.

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Also, this is completely a side issue, but keep in mind that many counties now franchise with FLVS and to have their own online classes. They are FLVS in content, staffed with teachers hired by that county. We prefer the FLVS classes for a couple of reasons and because of our past experience with both. When we register, we have to scroll down past our county franchise to get to FLVS. Both should be available to you (if your county has contracted for its own).


Just a heads up since looks like this might be your first FLVS registration. :001_smile:


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