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Miquon vs Singapore?

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Okay...I really want to use a "hands on" math for K-3. Rightstart was TOO much and my kids like workbooks. I have Miquon and am sort of baffled, maybe I should not have looked at the Geometric shape section...WOW!! Is Miquon really as hard as it looks to implement. I like "lesson plans" to a certain extent, even though I don't follow them exactly. My daughter had been using CLE 1 and she just doesn't like it, I would like them to have more of an "understanding" a the lower level..if that is possible.


Anyway....Maybe I just need to read more in the Annotations book of Miquon but just looking at it is doesn't fit my way of teaching, however..at this point..I am willing to give it a shot.


Any ideas?


Singapore...Miquon? I read where some use both, how on earth does that work?





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