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Anyone have their children keep track of assignments on an iPod Touch?

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We purchased refurbished iPod Touches for our daughters before we took a loooong car ride vacation this past summer. I know there are tons of great apps for students, but I am looking for some type of (hopefully free) app where I could put in their daily/weekly school assignments and they could check off their work as they complete it. Thanks in advance!


Adrianne in IL

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There is a basic calendar that you can use and that works with google calendar. You could put assignments in there and then they'll end up in the ipods via wifi.


I'm sure there are loads of applications that might also work?


You could make lists in the notepad on there, but I wouldn't want to do all that typing on the little keyboard.

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I think you can also use an app with the calendar feature in Outlook, but I haven't yet explored that. I was mildly put off the Google option by the fact that (I think) you upload your stuff "out there"...


Love to hear what you come up with. We're about to go down the iPod touch path for our kids to help out with a period of carschooling...



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My son and some of his homeschooling friends use Errands to keep track of their assignments. It's a free app (I'm pretty sure it's free) from the iTunes app store. It allows you to create different assignments and set due date & priority for each, and there's a list-view and a calendar-view. He really likes it, and it allows him to track stuff without me being involved :001_smile:


Here is some info about Errands, including some screen shots of the list-view, calendar-view, etc. It also says: Please note that Errands requires OS 3.0 or above. Some features (e.g., Alerts and Multitasking) require iOS 4. It runs on any iPhone or iPod Touch device.




P.S. I rely on my iPod Touch for scheduling, but I just use the built-in calendar. It's so handy for making appointments when I'm at the doctor's ... no more making an appointment, coming home to look at the paper calendar (which I still use, at home) and finding a conflict, calling the office back, etc. :D

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