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Geometry proofs

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Ds14 is in Keystone's Geometry course. They really aren't explaining proofs very well. At first, they were leaving parts of whole proofs blank so he could just fill them in. He was mostly fine with that. Then they jumped to him writing 2-column proofs on his own. He needs more of a transition I think. Can anyone suggest something that might help? I can't see buying an entirely new curriculum because we absolutely have to stick with this course. But he definitely needs help learning proofs.

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Proofs are hard. Can you work through them with him for a while? My dd is doing geom this year, and that's what I've done. When she stumbles, I sit with her helping her as needed, giving clues. I will often look at the answer key for hints as to what the author is looking for, as I am not working through the entire text with her. Since there are always multiple ways to do a proof, having me work through them with her helps b/c I can tell her -- yes, the way you did it is great. . .and here is ANOTHER way you could have done it. She'd have trouble doing that on her own, and would likely either assume she was wrong when she wasn't OR assume she was right when she had actually missed sth. . . The first couple chapters of proofs, she needed my help more often. As she's gaining experience, she needs help only occasionally.

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Proofs are hard. Can you work through them with him for a while?


That's what we're doing, using the answer key to see how they do it. I didn't do well in geometry when I went through it in 10th grade, my last year of formal high school math because we weren't required to have anything else. I was very thankful because I just didn't understand math very well.


And now here I am doing it again. Yikes! DH is good with these, but ds14 prefers to work with me because DH tends to explain at a higher level rather than on simple terms where ds is at. If that makes sense.


Maybe I just need to back up in the geometry textbook and find every explanation of proofs they give. It just doesn't seem like alot.

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