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The Things Customers Say

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My two older boys work at Best Buy and, if you've ever worked in the customer service industry, you know people will say and do the darnedest things. This is what my eldest quoted on Facebook last night:


"Ya'll can't be movin' stuff around! People be comin' in here after they been drinkin' and they don't know where they be at." - another satisfied customer

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I recently saw a link of fb of a customer service phone call to Asda (the UK equivalent to WalMart). A guy was complaining that his frozen pizza had no toppings, no sauce, no cheese, just crust. It went on for a while with the cs rep appologizing and saying that he would get him a voucher or something for a new pizza. The customer actually asked what he was supposed to do about dinner that night and would Asda have a pizza delivered to him. Then all of a sudden the customer realized that the pizza was...... upside down. :lol:

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