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Help me name my business!

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OK, all you creative types, show us your chops!


I'm starting a part-time vending machine business. I don't expect it to ever go full-time -- just something to help make ends meet. I'll be doing sodas and/or snacks. But I intend to do a professional job and give great personal service that bigger companies or the bottlers may not provide.


I need a catchy name. For a slogan, I'm leaning toward "Bite-size company, full-size service" or something similar. Alas, "Fun Size" appears to be trademarked. And the standard [LastName] Vending or [LocationName] Vending don't seem inspiring.


So hit me with your best shot! :D

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We did vending for a few years; it's hard work but can be good money.


I'm blanking on name suggestions, but I honestly wouldn't spend too much time on that if I were you. Whatever your official name, you are going to be known as The Coke Lady, lol. Maybe just go with the flow and be The Silly Snack Lady, :).

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