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quick style question with pic!

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Cute bag. I think either way depending on the outfit. Did you get it? Thinking about it?


Well, I'm kind of thinking about it. It's half price, and I really like it. I just never carry purses. :blush: I'm just not a stylish person, but I WANT to be, you know? I'm just concerned that I don't know fashion at all, and will end up looking country with this bag. I'm definitely not country. ;)

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It is edgy! I'm thinking Cyclist (of the motoring kind).


I wouldn't be able to carry it myself. Too busy for me. But I might admire it a bit, though, possibly comment on it and ask where you got it - it's unique, and I like that (especially with bags and shoes).

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http://susannichole.com/collections.html :) They're actually vegan, if you can believe it! The burgandy in this style is my FAVORITE, but I figured it wasn't very practical for someone with one purse....



OH NO NO NO NO!!! YOU MUST LIVE GIRL!!! Go for burgundy! I have a burgundy and as long as I'm not wearing neon yellow, it's all good! A handbag ought to make a statement, like the front door of your house! Go for burgundy!!!

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