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Sonlight Core 1 - Abeku to Zapotec - How long?


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SL Core 1 spreads that book throughout the year. You read a page/spread each time, probably one a week if I remember right. There is no particular logic in spreading it out, other than reinforcing the evangelical message over a longer time period. You could easily read the book in one sitting, as it is essentially a young child's picture book.


Each country/people covered in a 1-2 pg spread that was perhaps 3 or 5 sentences along with a (drawn, color) picture of the people. It was quite simple -- I.e., People in Abacu live in huts in the jungle. They fish in the river and grow crops in gardents. People in Abacu do not have the Bible in their language. The last sentence of every page/spread is always the same -- that this people don't have a Bible in their language.


I thought it was a pretty lame book. I wouldn't pay for it if I were buying piecemeal.


If driving home the point that there are many peoples w/o a Bible in their language is important to you, then this could be a helpful book to you.


But, it is not meaty and is very simplistic. Personally, I love the Chilren Just Like Me http://www.amazon.com/Children-Just-Like-Anabel-Kindersley/dp/0789402017 series of books. If I were to do Core 1 again (I won't, so sad!), I'd substitute one or more Children Just Like Me books for the A-Z book for Core 1. I didn't do that last year, but I have done so this year for some similar evangelical book in Core 2.



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Stephanie has it exactly right. Unless you are as interested in Sonlight's evangelical/missionary message as they are, you can skip this one right by.


Houses and Homes is nothing like that; it's an Usborne book that discusses the variety of human living arrangements. It's getting a little dated now, though still worth going through. If you don't want to buy it or can't find it from the library, another book like Children Just Like Me that addresses human diversity will fill the bill nicely.

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I agree with all said!

We are doing Core 1 now and "Zapotec" is the ONLY book we dropped...

Very evangelical (which I could have handled!) but just overly simplistic.

Imho, this book does not add anything to the Core!


"Houses & Homes" is different, but so outdated, that I would probably not want to buy it seperately from a whole Core...



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We actually LIKE Zapotec! It is simple, and it is a picture book. But, IMO it has more than just a few sentences! It describes a day in their life. It has a CD that comes with it where someone reads it.


If you look on the Sonlight website, you can also find extra stuff to go along with it. http://www.sonlight.com/Core_1_Tips_Weeks_1-36.html

There are links that you can find more matieral to go with each week. There is stuff about Zapotec in just about every week.


But, if you don't want to dive too much into other cultures, then it can be dropped. It is not VITAL to the core.

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We studied Core 1 last year with a Ker and 1st grader (and a 3 year old). All of the children and their Mama:D really enjoyed this book. One of the things that I love about Sonlight IS the missionary stories and worldview focus so a book like this (and the heart from which it was written) is important to me. The children LOVED the book and we read many of the pages over several times. We made it a habit to pray for that people group after we read the page . . . something like, "God, we ask that you would give the ***** people (whatever group we'd read about that day) the Bible in their own language." We also looked up the locations on the map (there is a simple one in the book to get you started). It was certainly a weekly highlight here.


IMHO, this is a special book that adds a lovely component to the Core. :001_smile:


ETA: We didn't read through Houses and Homes because we did the 4 Day schedule. I think that must be why we didn't get to it! :)

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