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Mississippi River animal identification

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Help! In St Louis there used to be "rodents of extremely large size" (:lol: yes, Princess Bride reference) that used to roam the riverfront and pretty much were a huge problem in the city. We called these caraberras. Problem is, I've tried googling every spelling I can think of and can't come up with this animal.



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Merciful heavens. Send me your address. I'm sending you a rifle.

:lol: They got rid of them many years ago. And we moved out of that area awhile back. My dh was telling stories to the kids and we were trying to find them online so we could show the kids a picture of what they looked like (I've never seen one, personally...not from that area myself). While there though, we did have a problem with rabid possum and groundhogs of large proportions.

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