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Writing with Ease and what else

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Hi Everyone,

For those of you planning on using Writing with Ease when it comes out, what else will you be using for language arts/spelling, etc. Do you use First Language Lessons for Grade 1 and 2 and then what? This fall I will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grader. Anyone use the WTM lessons for 3rd grade? What did you think? Thank you!


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I've used FLL 1, 2 and 3. I'm planning on using 4 this fall along with WWE. For spelling we enjoyed AAS last year. I plan to start level 2 of that this fall.


I'm going to back track a bit with WWE. I'll start at the beginning and move forward at a (hopefully) pretty quick pace. As long as dd is getting it. Of course, best laid plans and all that.


I've really enjoyed using FLL. When I got the student book last summer I looked at the last pages to see what kind of progression there was. I thought, "oh, my. They really can't be serious about so much diagramming in third grade!" Lo and behold we will be finishing up the book on Monday. She got it, understood the work and learned a great deal. As far as I'm concerned as long as PHP keeps publishing the series we will keep using them.

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Wow...WWE covers a ton...



I was just looking at it, and couldn't tell if it would be too easy for my 4th grader. I was planning to use Writing Strands...but I'm not sure what to use now.


We did GWG this year, and FLL for 1 and 2 before that. I am unsure if I'll be using R&S English 4 with Writing Strands...or picking back up FLL 3 or 4....


Then there's WWE....ugh, it's hard to choose!


DD needs some handwriting help, her writing is pathetic. But, she also wants to write her own stories and do something more creative...hence going with Writing Strands.



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I will *probably* use WWE with FLL1/2, SWR, maybe ETC (we don't really need this with SWR, but he really likes doing it), HWT, and readers from Amercian Language Series (they have been out of print, but I think someone is bringing them back). If this is too much I might start WWE halfway through the year - we could plan to be finished with HWT by then, and maybe as far as I want to go with ETC by then too.

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