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Write at Home's Composition I annual course

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DH and I are strongly considering have our two DS take this course next year in the 9th grade:


http://www.writeathome.com/Display.aspx?tabid=148 .


We signed them up for the summer workshop, Essay Writing I, today.


Does anyone have an opinion about this course, or about any of the high school courses offered by this company?




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Ds is taking Essay writing 1 right now. It's reallllly easy, and I hope he's learning enough.

Basically, he will write two essays, working on one every other week (so you get feedback once a week, and can continue working on the other one while you are waiting for feedback, if you know what I mean). He is reading The Lively Art of Writing--I really like the book, and I would've assigned at least some of the exercises in it if I had know that he'd only be working about an hour a week on the course.

That said, I do like the course, and I think it's helping ds, but I truly wish we had started like you in 9th grade and had been able to do all 4 courses. The syllabi look great--really strong. I'd say go for it.

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She completed Essay Writing last summer and she's very glad she did it. She took the semester long Comp I course in the fall and the semester long Comp II in the spring. Both courses are good. Honestly, I think it depends on who the coach is, we've not had a bad coach yet, but some have been better than others.


My son will take the year long Comp I next year.



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Thank you, Chris and Bev.


I thought they would work about 27 hours on the 9 week course. I'm glad you told me there are assignments in The Lively Art of Writing, Chris. I'll work with that to beef up the course. I want the boys to earn 1/4 of a writing credit this summer, and I'm going to count the Comp I course as either .75 credit or .5 credit, depending on how long it takes the boys to actually do the required work.


Bev, my boys will take the yearlong Comp I course next year. After that, if all goes well, I'll switch one or both to the semester courses through Comp IV. I want them to take Report Writing at least once. I may use Writing Assessment Services too, for a 10,000 word evaluation package.


Thank you both for your help.



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