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Any one do Make - Your - Own-Opoly?

Which monopoly would you chose?  

  1. 1. Which monopoly would you chose?

    • Use the make your own monopoly kit.
    • Customize a regular monopoly kit.
    • Other-because I think it's a WTM rule or something!

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Has anyone tried the make your own monopoly game? Is it worth it? The reviews are making me wonder. Apparently it's changed from the regular game in some ways.


Is it worth it or are we better off buying regular monopoly and customizing that? It doesn't seem like customizing a regular version would be that much different, just using stickers to adjust the names on things vs. the stickers that you print up in the kit.


I know the people we are thinking of this for would love it either way, but they'd love it more if it played like real monopoly. This is for kids 5, 8, 11, and 13.


Thoughts please! Which would you chose? I know either way we'll have fun making it, I just want to make sure it turns into something they'd actually want use.

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I did one of the make-your-own ones about 12 years ago. I think we played it one time. It is different and not as fun (imo) as the real Monopoly. But... my kids found it the last time we were at my Mom's house, and it was fun looking at it. My dad and I played with the kids one morning. I think the kids might like to play it themselves in a couple years.

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