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Yesterday a mother posted a thread about textbooks. She seemed to want support for using textbooks. I added to that thread, but wanted to post my response (with a few changes) on a new thread. With the vast array of resources and approaches, support for whatever a family wants to use is a topic on my heart.


Yes, there are families who are using and have used textbooks for history (and other subjects for that matter.) Jump over to the high school board, and you will see that many families use a mix of textbooks, great books...whatever works for mom and the student. In addition, our family knows many families who have used only textbooks. Their children have gone on to college, graduate school, and beyond. The children love to learn, and they are successful. They are not dullards in any way. Many of them are actively serving the Lord as missionaries, and their country as officers in various branches of the military. Some of the sweetest and brightest homeschoolers I know have used only textbooks. In fact, SWB is not averse to textbooks and workbooks. She suggests R&S, Writing Strands, Wiley Guides for upper-level science, Apologia, etc. Even WWE and FLL are workbooks of sorts - just SWB's and JW's version. SWB uses SOTW as a narrative text. We are using something similar for U.S. History this year. I've been thinking about this thread since yesterday because the textbook versus literature versus X discussion puts doubt and guilt into the hearts and minds of loving homeschool mothers. It's something that concerns me because homeschooling is challenging, and most mothers are working hard to raise caring and compassionate children along with staying on top of academics.

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