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Adrenaline high and blood on my hands...

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not mine, nor anyone in our family...


We were just driving out on an errand, and when we turned right out of our alley, drove upon the scene of an assault. The perpetrators were just running away, and a young man was lying in the road bleeding.


I jumped out of the car and went to help him, he was conscious but had bad head and facial injuries--they had kicked and beat him in the street. His friends (other young men and women, with a bunch of young children--a birthday party at the park?) were totally confused, and his girlfriend (?) just kept screaming at him that he was a f'ing idiot. I managed to get one of his friends to give me his shirt to keep pressure on the head wound, but even with the help of a nice loud older woman I was unable to talk them into not moving him before the ambulance came. Need to work on my bossiness, obviously!! After about five minutes, they picked him up, threw him in their car and took off a minute or two before the police and ambulance arrived. Hope they made it to the hospital OK!


So everyone in the neighborhood was out to watch, the cops are still out there taking statements, and my adrenalize is racing still. Dumb dumb kids--involved in gangs and violence and whatever... breaks my heart to think of anyone's son lying bleeding in the road while his friends run for their cars. Ugh.


Practically speaking I realized--I need to put together a better emergency first aid kit (not just a tiny one you buy) for the car. I didn't have accessible plastic gloves, and though I avoided getting much blood on me I could have done more if I wasn't worried about that. Also, I need some big old gauze pads (sanitary pads work great, if I remember right). All in a big plastic tool box I can swing out of the trunk! Somehow I end up using my years-old first aid training fairly regularly. I took the Red Cross course that was for EMTs in high school, and it has served me well.


OK, enough of a debrief, thanks for listening! Still got a sermon to finish! :tongue_smilie:

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It was based on the story of the Good Samaritan, and it was from the children's devotional magazine "My Devotions."


It told about a man who came upon someone unconscious on the ground in the night as he was driving home.


It said that he had to stop to help the man, because he is a Christian.


It said that he was taking real risks. Whoeven hurt the man might be lying in wait. The man himself might be faking it to lure someone out of his car. The man might be dangerous.


But the driver had to stop, because he was Christian, and that is just what Christians do. They are not stupid enough not to know the risks, but they are obligated and compassionate enough to help anyway.


Seems like you embodied that story today.


All the best, Carol in Cal.

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:w00t: WOW!!! Kay - I'm so glad you're ok. I hope the young man you helped ends up being ok too. I can't even imagine how wired you must be right now!


I keep several Always napkins (super) in my purse and in my glovebox for that very reason. I also keep a roll of duct tape - if I need to apply pressure and am on my own - in the car first aid box. Tampons are good for bad nosebleeds as well. For stuff like you just dealt with it's a good idea to take a picture or two with your cell phone or a digital camera, if you have one handy.


Again, I'm so glad you are safe and ok. :grouphug:

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