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I feel like I am becoming more like hubby!

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I used to be able to think "in parallel" (multi-task) but now I find that difficult and need to think "in series"! Is it age? Of course, I do think my husband is becoming more like me... he is actually talking about his feelings (without me dragging it out of him) :001_smile:.

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I have always been better at working "in series" than "in parallel" (I know women are supposed to be great multi-taskers, but I have always been more "masculine" in my approach to work ;)).


Dh, on the other hand, says multi-tasking is the way of the future and I have to work harder to do so. :glare: However, I don't really view what he does as "multi-tasking", but more like jumping willy nilly from one task to another, never thoroughly addressing or completing any of them :tongue_smilie:. I have even come to call him "ping-pong head", because that is what his thought seem to be doing all the time :lol:.


Age, personality, circumstance, nature vs. nurture...I don't know. Just do the best you can with what you've got!

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