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ALL About Spelling (AAS) - which level to start at?


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I read the thread here:



Where would I start my dd going into 4th grade. We've been using R&S Spelling, and would like to break from that since it's too easy and a bit boring for her.


She likes the though of tiles and hands-on stuff with AAS. She's a workbook gal, but I think the change will be nice for her. My upcoming 1st gr. is very hands-on, so I think this will be fun for her when I start spelling as well.


But...for the 4th...should I start with 1...start with 2? I'm not sure which to look at.


Sequential Spellling looks nice too...but it's generally not something we do everyday....



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Alrighty...looking more at the site, I think it's work starting with 1 even though my dd is beyond that, just to get in the rules and building blocks of their system. Plus...dd#2 would use it later as well.


Sometimes just typing this out helps - lol!

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this same questions a while back. Can't remember who it was (sorry!), but she said to start at 1 (I have a 5th grader who will be using it...non-nat speller) and move quickly through just to get all the phonemes in as a foundation. I bought AAS2 used, but need 1 anyway for my 2nd grader so it's not a waste for me (nor for you!). HTH

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