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Will one of you kind computer savvy people please help me?

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I have typed up an e-mail and want to scan a form I filled out, and attach it to said e-mail. You all may say, not a big deal right?





I have connected the computer to the printer/scanner. I put the item into the printer and pressed scan. The printer scanned. I have no clue where that scan is. I have looked, but cannot find it. Yes, I am a computer moron. Please help me. :D




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Devices have software specific to that the device that must be loaded in order for you to use the device. The scanner driver software works with your computer and operating system to get the image into your system. It will probably also have software that helps you look at images and maybe do a little editing. You can download that from the company's website (i.e. for an HP scanner, go to http://www.hp.com).


To see if your computer even recognizes the scanner (assuming Windows), click on the Start button and go to "Scanners and Cameras." You may need to use the Wizard to add the device.


And most important, remember that YOU are much smarter than a computer.

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Hey, I've done this! Usually, there is a pop up window that asks you where you want to save the scan (it took me awhile to notice this so look carefully BEFORE you hit the scan button). I save it to desktop so I can find it..... Or name it and the folder where you want it to go. This means you need to rescan but that shouldn't be a big deal.


Good luck!



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