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I need a Math Pep Talk

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I'm all about English; Math is not my native language. I'm going to college, though, so Math has to happen, however worthless it may actually be in my future. Truly, I have an open mind about learning what I didn't know before, you know, for the sake of knowing something new; however, the math I'm working on right now seriously tests that theory. Honestly, I've gone 39 years without knowing how to factor these darn polynomials and what benefit is it bringing me, except the ability to factor still more challenging polynomials for the next required class? *sigh* It's such a drag.


Someone tell me it's worth it. I can't bring myself to drag out my homework, vaguely figuring on doing it "later."

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It's not about the math; it's about training your brain, overcoming obstacles, and learning how to think in a way that's not natural for you. These are good skills to have for whatever you end up doing. You are building character; don't focus too much on the "When will I ever need this?" question. Your brain needs it.


Enjoy the process!

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I just got home, so I can give you a longer pep talk::001_smile:


I am an English person too. I majored in English. I'm good at it and I love reading. I took math in college to round out my teaching credentials, and I didn't like it at first. I thought I was bad at it because I had always hated it in school. So, I worked very hard at algebra, trig, and early calculus. I ended up doing very well because I put in a lot of time, knowing it was not my strength. At the end of algebra, I started really enjoying math.


I love reading and literature, but I now enjoy math just because it uses different brain muscles. English seems open-ended; in literature there's rarely "one right answer." In math I feel a sense of completion with each problem. I like the order, the way everything fits together so nicely. I like the way it makes me pay attention to little details, like exponents, signs, etc. I like the way I can take a very complex-looking problem and whittle it away to a simple answer. I like having to search to find the right answer and understand the process.


You may not end up loving math, but I think you will eventually call a truce with it and see its value. Until then, keep plugging away at those polynomials!


Good luck and hang in there!

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JoMama, that's very interesting; thanks for sharing your experience. I have at least found I can do math. In school, I had such math anxiety I didn't work; I froze up and fretted. So far I have found that experiencing college as an adult has been so much better in this respect. I can tolerate working away at it. I know the answer is discoverable, even if I don't get it at first.


Thanks again!

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