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Fun game!!!!

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So, on Sunday, my 12 year old son will be taken to a foreign country where he will have to find his way back to the US on foot without a passport. My 14 yo son will do his best to enter a foreign country on foot without a passport. He will have assistance getting back in to the US. Can you guess what they're doing????

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Sorry to keep you in suspense. I fell asleep early last night.


Yes. The Detroit Marathon. My boys are running it in a relay. My oldest is running the first leg, which runs from Detroit to Windsor over the bridge. My 12 yo is running the second leg which runs from Windsor through the tunnel and back into the US. I realized that I was letting my 12 yo get on a bus and go into Canada ALONE and got a little panicky. LOL


It's a GREAT marathon to run! VERY well organized and there are people all along the route. If you do come run it, definitely PM me! I'm running the half - so I get do do the USA-Canada-USA route too.

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What she said, but they must be doing the relay.


The Detroit Marathon is on my list of marathons I want to do. I love the idea of running a marathon in two countries.


Interesting tidbit! The Detroit Marathon is the only international, underwater marathon!! The tunnel is underwater. It's a little freaky running into it! But, that was my fastest mile last year!! LOL

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