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Update on my Bed Bugs

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Ninja Bug Guy came to re-inspect for bed bugs. (He'll inspect every two weeks for two months.)


He said that it was the best re-inspection he'd ever seen! Only one little spot that indicated a bug (probably from the first night after the chemicals were put down, before it died.) This means they're almost certainly GONE! He said it was because we did such a good job of cleaning everything out of the room and preparing it for the treatments.


Next step: start putting the stuff back into the bedroom (it's all currently in big black trash bags.) If the bugs show up again, it means they were hiding in my stuff (eww!)


I'm hopeful that this is all over. It's been hard to sleep, since I keep scratching and batting at myself thinking there are bugs on me.

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I can't imagine how awful and experience this was for all of you!!!:grouphug:There were several news stories about bed bugs before I left for DC, and I was SO worried I would bring some home in my suitcase! Thankfully it's not a concern here.


I hope the entire situation is nothing more than a memory for all of you!

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