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Using Sonlight--Secular?


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I am looking at Sonlight 1 since I am not following the 4 year history cycle yet.


We are Christian but we consider ourselves secular in our studies. I read that the Bible studies are not part of the Core, but are in the notes, which is fine, but as for History itself is it more religious or neutral? Also does it lean more toward European History instead of actual *World history?



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I use SL secularly. There are a few books every year that are missionary stories. Some of them are relevant and good enough that I don't want to skip them (like Gladys Aylward in Core 2). Most of them, I just skip. Nearly all the other books are secular.


I haven't used core 1 , but I did use Core 2 last year. They seem to try to include all of world history, rather than just European, but I think it is more Euro-centric than SOTW. The main spines for core 1 are CHOW and Usborne's World History. See if you can find these at your library for a preview.

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