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I need suggestions for 7th grade level study on the Mayan civilization

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Our pathetic little library has 2 books :glare:. Neither are worth checking out. I thought I had resources but after looking on all 12 bookshelves I have none. :001_huh: Im lost. Any fun/interesting websites? Anybody have any decent resources to recommend? (anybody have any they are selling? I am going to the for sale board now but thought I might slip this in :blush:)


Help I am lost on this! Thanks

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I just ordered a novel for my son to read about the Mayans called Middleworld (The Jaguar Stones Series) and it looks pretty fun! I've not read it yet, so can't comment on the content - but if you're loking for a fun addition for reading you should check it out.

I just finished this tonight. It is a good book. Some violence. Teen boy anquish and wishing for a girlfriend, but nothing more than "I wish she was my gf." type thing. Suspenseful tension. www.jaguarstones.com is the website with many links to Mayan stuff. They offer a free CD to teachers. I emailed asking if it is available to homeschool teachers. Book 2 comes out Dec. 28. I don't know about historical accuracy, but the feel of the book fit in with what little I know of Mayans and the husband of the husband/wife team that wrote the book grew up in South America.

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