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If you get bifocals....

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and, looking through the top half (distance) you move your head from side to side wile looking straight ahead - all is well.


If, looking through the bottom third (reading), you do the same - all is well.


HOWEVER - look through the bit where the progressive lens shifts from distance to reading while turning your head from side-to side and you can get SEA SICK!!!

WHOA! What a TRIP!!! :blink:

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If you wear trifocals, and they slip only oh-so-slightly on your nose while driving, you will lose all sense of balance, depth perception and sight. And when you tear them off in an attempt to prevent a wreck, your eyes will be unable to re-focus and you will remain momentarily blind, even after replacing your old, trusty glasses......

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The good news is that if you have bifocals you can take them off to read. All you have to do is make sure you don't sit on them or put them where the dog can get them. I know this from experience.


You people are giving me NO hope. I'm wildly nearsighted and no need for bifocals yet, but I know it's coming. Tell me something good!
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Do you notice the line? Does it bother you? Were you nearsighted before?


I got bifocals a year or two ago and the dr talked me into the progressive ones. I hate them. It seems like there is one tiny spot that focusses and everything else must be "progressing." Nothing is ever quite in focus.


The dr (who had lines in his trifocals!) said my eyes would adjust to them if I started with progressive but it doesn't really seem like they have.


That and the fact that they are about 1/3 the size of my last glasses (from a LONG time ago:001_smile:) make them really irritating.

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The entire top 2/3 (or ever how much you want on top) is distance, and the entire bottom 1/3 is reading. The line is all the way across and it is easy to get accustomed to.


THere's no need to turn your head, just move your eyes. Makes all the difference if you sing in a choir!


Beware, though: EVERY SINGLE optician will do his best to talk a woman out of these. EVERY SINGLE one! Stand fast if you want to try them.

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