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OK...instead of just a MFW note-taking question...

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My DD has to take notes from her history reading. She has to take notes on her physics pre-class reading and during physics lecture.

I do not make her take notes while reading literature because I personally find this utterly frustrating and ruining the reading experience.

She is expected to note the important information, structure her notes (using color, indents, bullets- whatever she chooses) so they make sense to another person. I do not require a certain amount - that entirely depends on the chapter and the material.

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We're only on AHL, so I haven't used WHL yet.


My son takes notes in Geometry (per the geometry lesson plans). He's been increasing these notes lately, on his own :)


He decided to write out the vocabulary definitions before the vocab quiz, but again that's not *exactly* note-taking. (It was a big, happy surprise here, though :tongue_smilie: )


I usually have him write up something about what he's learned in science for the day, and he occasionally needs to take notes in order to do well on that. I'm adapting science a lot, though. The newer editions of some of the Apologia books seem to have a loose type of "notes/worksheets" you can use.


He hasn't had to take notes for Notgrass history yet, or even the Bible, because he's answering the questions right away instead. When we did "notebooking" for many subjects in past years, I often had ds take notes while, say, listening to a composer biography or SOTW chapter. But it seems like answering the questions is replacing this for now.


He doesn't take notes on books he reads, but I try to have him do *something.* A lot of his reading is done through a book club, so they have discussion and sometimes little activities. I try to discuss his AHL reading or encourage him to use it for essay topics. He basically takes notes on the typewriter when he's preparing his essays (both the English and the History essays), although these are very basic and specific.



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