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Singapore Math 6B Help - X-post (Math question)

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These problems are on page 5/6 of Singapore Intensive Practice 6B:


They are a part of Topic 1: Fractions. We've been working on them for two days and my brain is fried...


# 7. Renee has 111 U.S. and Canadian coins. 3/4 of the US coins and 4/5 of the Canadian coins were minted prior to 1900. The total number of coins minted before 1900 is 84. How many of her coins are US coins?




#9. There are 88 children in a school auditorium.

1/4 of the boys wear glasses.

2/5 of the girls wear glasses.

Altogether, there are 28 children wearing glasses.

How many girls do not wear glasses.



If you can solve these and explain how, I'll award you the "math guru of the hour" award!

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Guest marciaLynne

I have been homeschooling for years, have taught trig, physics etc, and I need help with my sixth grader on the exact same two problems. In fact I found your question when I googled for help on the eye glasses problem. The issue to me is, how do you solve these without using algebra? I cannot make the"Singapore bars" work on either problem. If I use algebra, I get fractions or decimals per part, (and these problems deal with people, so fractions and decimals won't work.)Can you help me?

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