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BJ's, Costco, Sam's--how are they on organic items?

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Costco was mentioned on another thread as having good prices and variety in organic items. What has been your experience with the three warehouse clubs we have in our area---Costco, BJs, Sams? We have had a membership to each of them at various times, but haven't had one since we moved to this house, nor since trying to go more organic.


BJ's is about 15 minutes from our house in a direction I don't go very often. Sams is 18 minutes, but we are fairly close to there twice a week for church. It doesn't have gas.

Costco is 25 minutes from our house, and in a direction we could find other things to do if need be (on the way to my in-laws, near the homeschool store, etc).


Local/knowing the specific person providing the food is also important to us. Currently we get organic meat from the sister of a friend in the hs group (pork and beef), honey from a local beekeeper and have a CSA membership that gives us most of our seasonal veggies during the spring/summer/fall and will be getting a dozen eggs a week from her this year (also have a potential source for additional eggs from someone in our hs group). We also have convenient access to a Trader Joes.


Thanks for any input.

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Things we get at Costco that are organic (or grown "pesticide free"):




ground beef

blue corn tortilla chips



mixed greens salad

baby carrots

frozen green beans

frozen peaches (for smoothies)

frozen blueberrries (for smoothies)

frozen raspberries (for smoothies)

butter (only at certain costco stores...)

flaxseed crackers

autumn wheat cereal

peanut butter



Hmmm there are probably a few more that I'm forgetting. Our Costco is fairly consistent with these products. They've had other organic items in the past which they stopped carrying. Other items which are organic (cookies, milk, snacky kinds of foods etc...) we just don't buy.

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Costco has tons of organic stuff. They just got organic applesauce in the big jars and raisins in the big bags at my store!! They also have lots of dried fruit without chemicals, not organic though. They have tons of frozen organic produce, but at my store I don't think the fresh produce is organic. It probably depends on geographic location.

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We buy organic milk at Sam's alot cheaper than the local grocery stores.

We also get organic salad greens at Sam's.

They used to have organic apples for a great price but have not had them the last few times I have been in. i also get organic eggs there for a pretty good price.


I haven't tried Costco or BJ's for organics.

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