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DS + PSAT Test today=Bomb Threat!

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I've enjoyed reading the 5 pages of feedback on the WTM High School Board about dropping your homeschooler off at the local high school this AM for the PSAT test. ("PSAT and the Wolves") :001_smile:



I thought my son's experience was unique enough to share on the General Board. (We live outside a nice small town, in the "nice" rural part of town--lots of farmers kids & upper middle class.)


I dropped our 16ds off at 7:15 am for the 7:30 am test. He had taken the PSAT there last year, and the prep session yesterday. He was the only homeschooler in a group of 80 test-takers. As he sat in the school office (kids were in class), waiting for the guidance counselor, he saw teachers running around and then the security guy came in the office. Our ds heard the words "bomb threat" and "we need to go to the middle school". Then everyone in the school (about 500 kids) evacuated by walking over to the adjacent middle school's gym. They ended up sitting in the gym for 2 hours while the bomb squad checked the high school. The students he met yesterday at the prep session found him & struck up a conversation with him about all the false homeschool myths (wearing PJs all day, etc.)


During this time, the gym was very crowded, and one boy became so unruly (didn't seem to be fighting, just very angry) that the teachers rushed over to him and physically wrestled him down to the ground to subdue him.


After the 2 hours in the gym, the guidance counselor decided it was too late to start the test, so it will be postponed (likely to Saturday, we guess).


Our ds was glad to just be able to walk away from it all, and meet me in the nearby pharmacy parking lot--free to go home, leaving all the confusion behind! (Even yesterday, he had joked that he thought it was "unlucky" to take the test on the 13th!)


We could NOT believe that this happened on the ONE MORNING we sent him to public school!


Here's the brief online article we found:


Bomb Threat at LOHS Found to be Hoax

By Donna Groves

PADUCAH, KY - Students at Lone Oak High School were evacuated Wednesday morning after a bomb threat. They were permitted to return to class after a search of the school turned up nothing suspicious.


An automated dialing program called parents of LOHS students to inform them that the situation had been resolved around 8:20 am.




Never a dull moment! :rolleyes:

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