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PayPal Co-Founder Gives $100,00 to Teens who Drop Out of School

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Intriguing, but maybe misplaced. Perhaps the incentives need to go to businesses to start hiring out of the box - people who do not have degrees but who can show that they are educated and inventive, perhaps be very creative about showing that.


Until you can get jobs without a degree then the colleges are the "gatekeepers" of the economy. The trouble with that is that instead of educating people they are excising a toll to cross through the gate. Big difference. Why bother to educate (that is a lot of work as many of us know) when you can dumb things down, shuffle people through, and, don't forget, collect tuition - lots of it.


The real question comes back to whether or not people are getting their money's worth out of the education system as we now have it. That definitely doesn't have to be about getting rich though, but the monetary outlay does mean that there needs to be some economic benefit to the process.

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