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History Curriculum Advice Needed


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My 11 year old daughter is the odd one out in my family in that she doesn't like history. The other children are aghast at the thought:)


I've come to realize the problem is that she is not an auditory learner- we've traditionally done history with tons of read-alouds and then with supplemental independent readings. She seems to learn best by doing, and writing. The emotional nuances and connections in history tend to confound her.


She's a bright student and a good reader; she loves math, grammar, and drawing. She wants things laid out and highly organized/structured. It makes life with her fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants-mother... interesting.


She asked today if I could find some sort of curriculum for history that she could do independently. I think she is envisioning something (ugghhhh) workbookish.


She's not being obnoxious or disobedient, but she's just not "getting it".


Does anyone have any suggestions? My children are spending two weeks touring Washing D.C. this Spring so I'd ditched our normal history rotation for American History, but I'm willing to consider any time period.



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She grew up 5th in line and sat through a whole 4 year rotation of ancients through modern using my own made up curriculum that over the years included as spines: SOTW, A Child's History of the World, several G. Foster's books and Turning Back The Pages of Time.


She just hasn't absorbed it like my other children. Even my 8 yo has retained more.


The older children now loosely follow Amblesides history selections.


I tried Mystery of History last year with her and her 14 yo sister- it was a flop. Too textbookish for the 14 yo and over the head of the 11 yo.

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Beautiful feet has study guides that are structured, although not that scheduled I guess. It's literature based, but they use a lot of notebooking, which might help. They also have some guides on some off the beaten path topics, history of music, of science, of horses. Maybe that would help her become more interested? I've never used the material, just remembered the website.


All American history also has a lot of hands on type activities I think, (cutting and pasting, notebooky stuff) but I think it's for 7th grade. Not sure.


Maybe just something with a more narrow focus, rather than broad survey material, would help.

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