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How do you go about finding someone

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who can help out with some basic self-care and very basic medical checking?


The person who needs this help is an adult and generally very self-sufficient. However, it would be helpful to have someone come a few times per week to supervise things like a shower. And it would be nice to log blood pressure and the like.


She isn't needing a lot of care, just to be checked on and somewhat supervised for more potentially dangerous things.


Do people generally use a service for this sort of thing? What kind of service? Or do you hire someone privately? How do you pay for just a few hours per week?

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care companies in your area. Many of them provide similar services or at least will probably know how to get you in touch with a company that does do that. What ever you do, do not advertise in the paper. Way too many people who say they can do that but you find out you can't trust them even after you've done references and back ground checks. I would definitely go through a company.

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