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Quick help - burn remedy?

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My dd11 was so sweet - she was baking muffins to bring to a friend (we're leaving on a college visit in about an hour). She burned her thumb, and it's blistering. If she holds ice/cold pack, it feels fine. Once she takes it off, she's miserable.


Tylenol has not touched the pain.


What can I do? My poor baby.. . . .

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I keep aloe vera in my frig just for this purpose. It works great on sunburns as well.


Another thing I use is coconut oil.


I would think a baking soda paste would be good.


I have 'heard' that apple cider vinegar is good on a burn but I won't use it as I think it would make a burn hurt worse.


Your poor dd! There is nothing wrong with ice. If it helps, keep using it!

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I did this a couple of weeks ago with steam. VICODIN didn't even help. I had to keep my hand in cool water FOREVER (hours and hours). My kids kept refilling my cup. Cool water is the only thing that kept it from hurting. It still felt like my flesh was still cooking if I removed my hand from the ice water for second.


My hand eventually blistered (a little) but once the skin peeled off, no scar.

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