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How much did the Midwest Homeschool Convention cost last year?

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I didn't go and so I don't know what the fees were. Our pastor's wife is just beginning her homeschool journey and is nervous about purchasing curriculum without really looking through her options and getting a first hand look at the books....their budget is tight so purchasing a dud would be very disastrous for them. The INCH convention in Michigan is quite limited in the number of vendors. I am impressed with the vendor list for the Midwest Convention in Cincinnati.


Is there a "shopping only" fee or must one pay for the whole three days?




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There was a graduated price, where it started very low and then went up by about $5 each month as the convention drew nearer. I paid $65 for a family registration at the cheapest price, but I don't remember what the individual price was.


There was a one-day shopping pass. I wonder if they will do it again this year, though. There were a lot of complaints about crowding.

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The early registration was $25 for an individual, then it went up incrementally.


I am sure they will still offer a vendor only pass, but I think that was $10 per day.... also, they got the WHOLE convention center this year to respond to the "crowding" issue. I don't think I could comfortably do that in one day! They want to keep everyone happy, vendors and homeschoolers alike!


I have no idea if the rate will be the same or not.

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I paid about fifty bucks for dh and I for the weekend, not the early bird price. You cannot POSSIBLY look at all the vendors for any amount of time in one day, that's how many they have! Plus, it's very overwhelming, I find it best to go through one day looking for potential good fits, and then return to those in more depth the following day.

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