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Barefoot Running Shoes Questions

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We'll be traveling to the U.S. soon.

Would love some feedback on what type of shoe I should get.

Also, should I go to a store like REI or should I order online? Do stores tend to be aggressive in wanting you to buy more pricey shoes?

1. I haven't run in over 5 years. I plan to start slowly once again, and feel more motivated to do so now that I'm reading "Born to Run".

2. I have wide feet. I love New Balance and have always been happy with them. I read some of the reviews in various places regarding their lightweight/minimalist shoes, and everyone says that they run narrow. Small - I can deal with. I would just order the next size up. But narrow, I'm not so sure :confused: ... I hope that the Minimus line coming out next spring caters to wide feet.

3. Where we live, the ground is concrete/asphalt - very hard - not particularly knee-friendly.

I don't think the 5-Fingers will work as well on the outdoor concrete with lots of bits and pieces here - bits of gravel, etc. I've seen pictures of how quickly the 5-Fingers get ripped and destroyed. So I'm leaning towards New Balance lightweight/minimalist shoes. I really don't want a shoe that is pricey AND I have to replace really quickly ... :001_huh:

4. Are any of the minimalist shoes designed for wide feet and hard gravelly surfaces?

Thanks so much. :)

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Bumping in hopes that someone may see this.


I have ordered a pair of Nike Free Runs. Very good reviews.




Yet I keep hearing about how good the Soft Star Run Amoc shoes are. They're not exactly the most attractive shoe - I would feel like a character from a Grimm's fairy tale or something :lol: - in fact, they're really quite weird looking, or funny is more like it.




Yet, looks aside, I'm going to do a bit more research and read some reviews. So far, so good. I won't get suede, however - intermittent rain and them getting wet won't be a good thing. :glare:

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i hear really good things about newton running shoes. you can visit their website here: http://www.newtonrunning.com/


youtube has a lot of videos for newton too. very informative and excellent!


they're claim is "Newton Running shoes were developed to make your feet think they're barefoot and increase performance. You will run smoother, more efficiently, faster and with less injury."


fwiw, i have a high arch and wide foot, and my favorite shoe is the saucony progrid ride 2 (not a minimalist shoe though). i use them in half marathons on pavement, not on gravel though. they're awesome and have never let my feet down!



born to run is an awesome book!!! glad it inspired you!:D

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I would recommend going to an actual running shoe store, as opposed to a sporting goods store. They have staff knowledgable about running shoes. They know how to fit odd feet (buying a size up for a wide foot is not always the answer).


Once you get sized and have that first pair of well fitting for your foot shoes, you can order future pairs from discount outlets.

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