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Catholic friends - baptism gift needed ASAP

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A good friend of mine is having her baby baptized in RC. Here is what I am looking for..


1. She is a cultural Catholic. She decided not to get married in the church but is having her baby baptized in it. I am not sure where she is going so I am a looking for a gift that is not "pushy".


2. I prefer high quality. I can't stand junky religious articles. I like real, handcrafted stuff. Too many companies push the Oriental Trading Company quality off on the devoted. Blech.


3. I procrastinated and so I need a company that can deliver fast.


4. I prefer to support a religious order.


Okay, so what have you got for me?

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Do you have any kind of religious order nearby? A lot of 'houses' (convents, etc) have gift shops with a really wide price range. Rosaries, kid Bibles, books about the Saints, religious pictures (icon style ones are nice), statuettes of a saint (if the child is named after one). I have never found junk in this type of store -- but I have got good advice.


A RC Church gift shop might be another option.


Here is a link for Catholic baby gifts (haven't ordered from it) The rosaries looked nice; do not click on 'statuary' -- yuck!




Or, true emergency -- sacred music cd from Amazon

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Our favorite gift is a toddler bible, the type with a line or two of text underneath a drawing. I usually buy them at Borders because I like to read through first. We've also given board books, a mix of religious and regular stories. We like to give books for all occasions :)


My kids received crucifixes for their rooms (kid-friendly), precious moments-type figurines (I didn't like those because of the need-to-be-dusted factor), and books as mentioned. Ds received a saint medal from dfil (not Catholic who apparently read an etiquette book about baptism gifts).


Since you are looking for a handcrafted item, perhaps a crucifix or a chunky nativity set for the future or a Noah's ark toy. If I get time later, I'll dig around my favorites to see what might be good :)

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Kid Bible story books from any bookstore would probably be the fastest...there are some that are beautifully illustrated. With the little kid versions you don't really need to be concerned about them being doctrinally sound. We have a book of prayers, letters and quotes from Pope John Paul II with lots of pictures that was published for kids and I think I found it at Barnes & Noble.


I just re-read the original post and a local chain bookstore wouldn't be supporting a religious order. I second finding a Catholic bookstore. You could also check a local Episcopal bookshop, any Christian store (like Lifeway or Cornerstone) would also have selection of good quality items. Many Catholic parishes have religious items (like rosaries, prayer cards, devotional books) for sale if you call and ask their office.

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A short story about their name saint. I loved reading about my name saint growing up and so do our kids. A pamphlet size is nice. Also, we buy those name cards, that are the size of a card deck, giving the meaning of the child's first and middle names. Those are great to put in a baby book.

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This idea doesn't meet several of your criteria - not handmade, not benefiting a religious order - but I thought I'd mention it anyway. These books - generally priced at about $1.50 each are awesome. They're written for children, but the information in them is accurate and very educational for adults who hadn't learned much about their faith years ago. Maybe you could pick out a good selection of them and if the parents are interested in leaning more about the Catholic faith, the books will be there for them to read - but it won't seem pushy as they're directed to children. ;)


It's hard to find what you're looking for, and I did a bit of searching. :tongue_smilie:


Here's a link for the books I'm referring to, but many Catholic online stores carry them as well.



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Here's another idea, but it also doesn't meet the criteria.




It looks beautiful when lit and gives just a nice glow to a nursery or a child's bedroom. The company linked employs homeschool families too.



For handcrafted, there are beautiful olive wood carvings from Jerusalem and Bethlahem. Purchases help support the Christians living in the Holy Land.


Here's one site selling the items:





For a large catholic gift shop, the National Shrine in DC has a great selection and I can imagine would be able to accommodate overnight shipping and all.

If you're a procrastinator, like me, I can imagine that the baptism is this weekend.

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For Christmas one year, my BIL had the most beautiful blanket made for my dd. It's a high quality blanket, and he bought that and took it to one of those booths in the mall that do embroidery. He had The Lord's Prayer embroidered on it. It's a keepsake for sure, but it's such great quality that my dd has used it regularly and it is no less for wear. :D


P.S.: scroll down to the very bottom to see the Baby Blessing Blanket... ours is similar to this...

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