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Evolution/ID Resources for Grammar Stage (or early logic??)

Country Girl

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Please, no debates.


I am looking for resources for my son to help him understand the science behind the evolution/intelligent design debate, from a creationist/intelligent design viewpoint. Dh and I believe in creation and I have a strong background and understanding in the science that is debated on this topic (M.S. in bio) but I am having trouble articulating to my son what I know. I am looking for something on his level that will help me explain the science behind why I don't believe in evolution. I need something beyond, "because the Bible says so". I do believe the Bible gives me an alternative explanation for how things were created, but I don't think it gives me an explanation as to why I believe that evolution is not scientifically proven. I strongly believe that my children needed to be very grounded in the science of this topic in order to defend their beliefs to scientists, just saying I believe in creation because the Bible says so won't cut it in the scientific world when talking to scientists who don't believe in the Bible to start with:001_unsure:.


Any suggestions?

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I second Answers in Genesis. It is a great site for explaining that debate. I have their God's Design series for science and we just love it. It covers the evolution vs. intelligent design debate well. It is designed to be used through 8th grade (or later if necessary), so you might want to take a look at it as well. It's a pretty meaty curriculum, and I am pretty sure you can order just pieces of it if you like.




Best of luck!

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Since you mentioned ID, I assume you might be more sympathetic to an "Old Earth" perspective. Answers in Genesis represents the "Young Earth" perspective very well.


For the ID side of things, for Grammar stage there isn't that much out there. Though Michael Carroll's book on Dinosaurs is well done. Depending on the age and maturity level of your child, a video of "Icons of Evolution" could also work as well. Down the road, you might be interested in The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence In Biological Systems by Dembski and Wells.


Ultimately, the best approach, for the grammar stage, might be to let the Creation/Evolution controversy remain in the background (for the most part) and explore together the incredibly intricate creation. That is, treat science as a time to discover together just how well designed the universe (or a species) is. When your child sees just how incredibly complex life (and the inorganic world for that matter) is...then one can begin to work through the mechanisms for how God did it all. For me, the who (that is God) did it question looms far larger than the when and how questions.


Lastly, another website to check out... http://www.reasons.org

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Thanks also for the recommendation for AIG. I have looked at God's Design and it is good to hear that you have liked it.





You gave lots of good advice and suggestions, I really appreciate it. He has recently had an interest in the topic and I'm just trying to be prepared for the next time the question comes up because I completely blew it the last time he asked :ohmy:. Thanks for suggesting so many resources. I am going to check them out.

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