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Strep--can you "pretreat" for it?

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Not sure but I think that my 13dd has strep. She woke up with a fever (she never runs one, even when sick) and very sore throat. I am waiting for the doctor's office to open at 8am to call.


IF this is strep, can you "pretreat" other kids in the family to prevent them from getting it? I worry about my 15dd who became so ill the last time she had strep (which was 7 years ago) that she was down for over 6 weeks, lost a lot of weight and was almost hospitalized. She has 3 mitochondrial disorders, 2 forms of immune deficiencies, seizures, and is on a host of meds. I just can't have her getting that sick.


Any ideas for when I see the doctor?

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Perhaps not all of the family, but maybe the doc will for the immune comprimised one.


I used to get knocked flat out by strep everytime I got it, and would end up needing rocefrin shots. So my doc started giving me an antibiotic script whenever my kids got strep. I could then fill it as SOON as I started having any symptoms.

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It is strep. Came back positive right away.


Dr. said to call ASAP--even the middle of the night if my 15dd develops any symptoms. She is the one we are worried about since she was so sick with it before. He said he would just call in a prescription for anyone else in the family that comes down with it.


Praying though that we can avoid it as I am allergic to almost all antibiotics.

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