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Parents who have used NARHS

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HI, just started this this year. Actually, haven't started, but enrolled. What do you turn in and when? Do we turn in the portfolios quarterly, semesterly or yearly?


For math, for example, can you turn in just the tests, or do you have to turn in all completed work?


My son is currently enrolled in Great Books academy and he is reading up a storm. They only have 2 collected papers a semester. NAHRS' coursebook says that you cannon just turn in a book list. What then? They meet for 2 hours a week, and read, read, read. What do I provide? Thanks for the help.

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The NARHS handbook has the answers to all your questions, but it looks like it's no longer available for download on their website. (Or at least it's not longer where it was, and I can't find it now!) I assume they will send you a copy since you've enrolled, but you can also order one for free here.


You're supposed to track the hours as well as keeping copies of tests, daily work, etc. They have a Daily Log Book for tracking hours that's very convenient; it has spaces for each subject each day, and boxes for recording hours, totaling them up for each subject each week, etc. You can order it here, but I would call and check with them, as they may include one with enrollment. You send everything in at once at the end of the year (not quarterly or piecemeal); they have specific course description forms you use for each course, plus you send the logbook and the student's portfolio of work. All of that, plus lots of suggestions for course descriptions, are in the handbook. I'd call and ask for one, and also find out if they include a Daily Log Book or if you should buy one.



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You turn in your portfolio yearly between Sept. 1 & Dec 31, except for the Sr. year. Then you may want to send a 1st semester & update the 2nd so you can get transcripts sent for college apps.


For any classes I've always sent just the tests. For the Great Books class, check the NARS book for the grading rubic plus grades for the papers.


And if all else fails, call your adviser so see what they want to see.

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