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Considering R&S English, I have some questions


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What has he done so far for grammar? If you've never done R&S, I wouldn't start with grammar 7. I'd probably go with 6, but maybe even 5 depending on his grammar background. Here's a comparison of R&S grammar 5 & 6 that I've posted before:


I'm doing R&S grammar 6 with DS#1 & R&S grammar 5 with DS#2. In comparing R&S 5 & 6:

-the lessons are longer in 6, and a smaller typeset is used

-there are more oral drill exercises, written exercises, and review exercises for each lesson in 6

-there are 139 lessons in 6, but only 119 in 5

-there are 82 worksheets for 6, but only 68 worksheets for 5

-there are 11 chapter tests & a final for 6, but only 10 chapter tests in 5

-5 talks about verb tenses & principal parts; 6 talks about transitive verbs & action verbs that aren't transitive

-5 talks about linking verbs with predicate nouns & adj; 6 talks about passive and active voice

-5 talks about nom, obj, & poss pronouns; 6 expands on this and talks about relative pronouns & relative clauses

-there's more diagramming in 6 including adjective clauses, adverbs of degree, and adverb clauses

-more advanced concepts in 6 include prepositional phrases as adjectives and adverbs, subordinating conjunctions, and avoiding misplaced phrases and clauses


We do R&S grammar orally along with Classical Writing. My boys write in R&S grammar when there's a corresponding worksheet for the lesson in addition to the chapter tests. Most of our writing is done in CW. This combination has worked well for us, and I consider both of my boys well-grounded in grammar and solid writers (not always willing though).


I also have R&S grammar 7 & 8 on hand if you have any specific questions about those levels.


I'll be out the rest of the day, but I'll check back tomorrow.



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Even if he starts in level 5 as an 8th grader, he can finish level 9 by the time he graduates. And it seems that most who use R&S on these boards only go through level 8. If he really is weak in writing and grammar, level 5 might be a good place to start. The lessons will be shorter, a bit simpler, and will help to build confidence rather than frustration. And if your son is bothered by working at a lower level, you can reassure him that there are MANY who use R&S at a lower level.


Good luck with your decision.



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Up to 5th grade: start at grade level. Past grammar experience doesn't matter.


Fifth grade and up: start with 5th grade book. For a student who has had a very strong grammar program, starting in 6th may work. By R&S 8, you will have covered more grammar than most college graduates will have ever encountered. If the numbers on the books bother you, you can work quickly through sections of the book that your child has no difficulty with. The 5th grade book is fairly easy. An older student could work through it much faster than a year. I suggest not skipping it because the next books assume knowledge from 5th. Also note that it is important to finish the book before moving to the next level. That 80% rule for completion of a text doesn't hold here. (Of course, you can skip the non-grammar lessons. It is those prepositions at the end of the book that need to be covered before moving on!)

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