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Call me Cinderella, I'm going to the ball...

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And you must be my fairy god-mothers- Please :D?


How does one do formal hair with medium length (shoulder) hair. I have thick strait hair that is mostly one length so I can flip it on either side.


I have the dress- gorgeous, but simple, vintage french silk with an empire waist (think bulging pregnant belly below). It is a beautiful dress but not exactly glam.


All the accessories are vintage shiny black, except the purse which is a subtle silver clutch.


I obviously need to go a little fancy on hair and make-up to make this get-up formal enough. I'm so ignorant about make-up. :001_huh: I have wasted nearly 30 minutes looking online at hair-dos. My brain is shriveling... help.





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Can you have your hair done? I had my hair done in an "updo" for my brother's wedding and I loved it. I wouldn't do more makeup that you usually do as you will not be comfortable. Just go as natural as possible. I've seen pictures of you- you will look lovely just as you are.


You're sweet.


The event is...um...tonight. I don't like to rush into these decisions. ;)


I think I will have my hair done, but I have no idea what to tell them. My hair doesn't like to stay "up" in up-dos. I don't want to give them free reign or I'll come out with a bouffant (sp?).


As for make-up, I just pulled together everything I have and with the free samples I recently acquired I should have enough.


Oh phooey. I'm sure no one except my dh will care anyway. :001_smile: and he likes these occassions when I get gussied up.



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I want to see pictures! If you can't get your hair done, can you try a French twist? It's not hard to do and is a classic, elegant look. Here's a link with some instructions and pictures. http://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip070.htm


Do you normally wear make-up? If not, I'd probably stick to a nice lip color and mascara. If you're comfortable with make up, here's another link with some ideas: http://www.mynippon.com/beauty/classic-makeup.htm



Have fun at the ball!

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My advice is always to wear your hair in a way you are somewhat used to OR that is absolutely foolproof in terms of staying where it is supposed to stay. Do you have time to run by the mall and look at the really pretty costume jewelry pieces they make for hair? If you wear it down but with a pretty clip, or up in a french twist but with a dressing jewelwed accent, that could be very pretty. I have shoulder length hair and LOVE a french twist because mine will generally stay if it has enough spray and pins:)


As for makeup, most women look great in soft lighting like you will generally have a ball. I would wear a little extra eye definition and leave it at that - don't over do it.


Have fun!

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