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Got my Math In Focus for two of my boys today...


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We're doing 1AB and 3AB. Its an armful of books! wow!

Its labled "The Singapore Approach" and my local homeschool store I bought it from calls it the "Saxon/Singapore math". lol


So far, just a super quick look through - I really like what I see.


The workbook page are graphic and "fun". Their are not too many problems crammed on one page (which intimidates my 8 yr old).

The teacher manual looks very thorough, and even has fun math game ideas for each chapter.


I hope this is the ticket for our math this year!

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Keep us posted! I bought 1A and 1B workbooks as a complement to Singapore, but I didn't buy the MIF TM. Glad to know it is useful!!


I thought about buying the workbooks to use the same way! How is it working for you? Does it have good enough explanations in the workbook?:) I am reallllly curious.





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So far so good!


I've used it for two lessons now. I really like the way the program introduces concepts slowly and builds on it. I think this is the better way to go for us. So what is that..incremental? Spiral? Its supposed to be based on Singapore math approach.


I also like the different little activities and games in the student text. However, it seems to be geared for classrooms so some of them don't apply (like when it asks for the children to get into groups).

There seems to be enough practice and review for the concepts before the child moves on to the workbook exercises, so far.


The teacher's manual is impressive, but I haven't found myself using it much. It does lay out an example lesson plan of what to cover each day...but so far I dont' know if it would be worth it to buy for just that.


I definitely like the program so far though!


It goes up until 4th or 5th grade, so after that we'll just transition into Singapore or Saxon.

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