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Handwriting for 8th grader


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Teach her typing?


LOL, sorry. That probably didn't help.


All I can say is that I got notes/comments every report card period for as far back as I can remember saying that I had sloppy handwriting. Every year, without fail.


And it never did improve. I still have horrible handwriting, which I can't read myself a few days later.


Thank goodness for typing- it hurts my hands less, it's always legible, and it's much quicker!

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IME, all the instruction and practice in the world will not permanently improve an 8th grader's handwriting unless said 8th grader has an internal desire to improve their handwriting.


I can't remember what we used back in 6th grade (I did a massive cleanout after 8th grade), but it was nice because it wasn't geared towards young children. But, I may as well have spent that entire year banging my head against a wall for all it has permanently changed.


:cursing: Sorry to be so negative, but that's reality here.

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