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Skipping pages when reading

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My son is 5 and is able to read chapter books and stuff. But I have noticed that he will skip pages when reading. He already reads fast because I will watch his eyes but if he looks up and then goes back to reading, he will skip over stuff. I have told him it is ok to just flip through the book for the first time if he wants to see pictures etc. But I have explained that he will need to read every word of every paragraph of every page otherwise he will not get the context or understanding of the story.


I have also hold him to ask me if he doesn't know a word. He usually gets close to sounding it out but I know he is not asking how to says words which will effect his comprehension and spelling later on. I have asked him this repeatedly but he continues to do it on his own. I have told him recently that I will just take the books away because I would rather him not read then read the words wrong. He says "Noooooo". He loves reading.


So I guess my question is....

How do I get my child to read every page and not skip pages and also to ask me if he doesn't know a word?


Thanks for any advice or help,


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I would let him read for fun, and not worry about him getting every word or the meaning of everything - he is young and that is appropriate. BUT, that said, I would do a separate reading program of your own making with him, perhaps something like Pathway Readers. I have had at least one ds who read like your son. While I was at first impressed with his reading, I realized that he had no clue what he'd read, and was skipping words and sentences and reading on as if it was fine, when in fact it made no sense. I would have him read to me daily from a Pathway reader book, and he read through the first two grade levels. I like the way they incrementally introduce different words and the child learns as they go, really, they are fabulous, inexpensive and I've used them with four ds. I would also continue phonics instruction with him (we like Explode the Code, including the Get Ready, Get Set books), to make sure he gets the background he needs to read really well.

Just my 2 cents.



mom to 6 great kids ages 7-20 - two in college, schooling grades 2, 4, 4 and 7

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I would let him read for fun as he wants to, he will eventually stop skipping. I would also include 10-15 min a day of read aloud time where he reads to you, no skipping allowed. Maybe even include a time where you read aloud and model how to read, maybe even skipping ahead, noticing it doesn't make sense and backtracking to recover your place.

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I do this - some books one doesn't need every. single. word. The general idea will do. The key is knowing the difference. So if it's school reading, then have him back track or someone could read aloud. Otherwise, let him skim it. JMHO.


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I will have him tell me what the story is about or turn pages and have him tell me what is going on in the pictures and it appears that he is understanding. He will tell me the names of the characters and in normal conversation, he will rattle off stuff that is going on in his books. He will also try to use words that he has learned from a book in his normal conversation but he will pronounce it wrong.


He is my oldest, so I don't know what is normal in this situation. It is sounding like this is rather common. I just didn't want to develop bad habits that would be hard to break later on or diminish his progress in any way.


Thank you all for your input and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it.:001_smile:

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