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need help finding a girl's dress, 19th Century Quaker

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If anyone knows any websites that might sell something along these lines, I'd love the input. DD9 needs a dress (about a size 10) for a historical presentation she is doing at school. She is dressing as a particular historical figure who was a Quaker woman in Pennsylvania, an adult around the time of the civil war.


I'm looking for a dress with a full skirt, and a bodice that buttons up the front, with long sleeves, black but at this point I think any color that's relatively plain will do. (besides, if I get a color perhaps she can use it for some other historical figure next year ;) or even to wear whenever) I only have about two weeks, not enough time to have one made and my sewing skills are not sufficient for such a project. Plus I'm just not spending a ton of money on this. If I find something for less than fifty bucks I'll be pretty happy.


I've searched for civil war, 19th century, quaker, amish, plain/modest, etc. etc. and all I've come up with so far are websites where you can order something to be made. Colonial/pilgrim is too far off.


I feel I must be missing something - what I'm looking for, as a general shape, seems to me to be a rather common, traditional dress shape for the last couple hundred years:tongue_smilie:. I'd love any comments/thoughts/suggestions!!

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I would email this seller:




I know her personally, and even if she doesn't have the right size dress listed, with in their large extended family (all Civil War re-enactors) they are likely to have a used dress of the right size to sell. A plus is that it will be super accurate and well-sewn.


You might also post a request to this yahoo group as it is a trade/sell site for this era of clothing:




I only have younger kids clothing of this era, so I can't help you with dd, but if you needed to dress someone 0-6 I could!:)

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