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I'm looking for a new digital camera

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Do I need to write digital anymore? Aren't they all digital now-a-days?


Anyway, I have a nice SLR camera but I would like a different camera. Things I don't like about the SLR are it's size and it's zoom. The SLR zooms 18-55mm. (I have no idea what that means though!) I would like to be able to zoom from our seats at the basketball game and take ds's picture while he plays. (I can't zoom that far with the SLR.) It obviously needs a flash. Doing movies would be very nice. Smaller wouldn't be hard to do! This thing is the size of a full size 35 mm camera. It doesn't need to be pocket size, but definitely smaller than it is.


What do you have that's good?

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A digital SLR with a zoom lens is what you need to take distance photos. You just need to spend enough money on the lens to get it fast enough to work in low light because a flash won't help you when you are so far away. Your SLR should allow you to change lenses, which is one of the primary benefits. The other benefit of the digital SLR is it will not have the lag time that a point and shoot digital will have. The lag time is the amount of time it takes from when you focus and press the button until the camera actually takes the photo. SLRs tend to have almost no lag time, which is what you need for sports photos.


I don't know of a point and shoot digital that will have the capabilities to let you take photos from such a distance without a flash in low light. Add the lag time to the equation, and you are not going to get consistently good photos during a basketball game with a digital point and shoot. You will probably get some good photos with one as long as the lighting in the gym is good.


I know you will be able to find a camera small enough to carry easily. Look for one with as short of lag time as possible, and a good optical zoom. Ignore the number for the digital zoom because you will end up with pixelated photos if you use it. Only look at the optical zoom distance. You have said you want one that is further than 55mm. Some point and shoot cameras have up to 300 mm optical zoom.


You may want to start looking at a Nikon Coolpix S8100. It has better zooming capabilities than what you currently have. Then start comparing other cameras, like Canons, from there. Perhaps by comparing you will start to narrow down what you are looking for.


Here is a good site to start your search. You can compare camera features side by side, and the reviews are very detailed. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs.asp

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