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It's my birthday. :hurray:

Yes, I'm in Canada, and today is also Thanksgiving.

It usually means I'm due for a birthday cake with a turkey on it. :glare: Or no birthday cake at all, but pumpkin pie instead.

But that's okay... because I had the most awesomest wonderfullest piece of scrumptiosity ever!

Check it out:

Yummy Nutella Dessert thingy I like no love...

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:svengo: :drool: :drool5: :001_tt1:


What are you doing to us? Now I can't stop thinking about it. Aaargh!!! Lucky I'm just about to go out to do my grocery shopping. Quickly adding mascarpone & brioche to the list (because Nutella is always in the pantry:D)

I never even heard of Nutella until seeing it on this board. Now I am thinking of trying it. :drool5: What's the best way to eat it ? Just as a spread on toast ?

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What's the best way to eat it ? Just as a spread on toast ?


Yep, that's probably the civilised way to introduce yourself to Nutella :tongue_smilie:. I grew up in France, where we ate it probably like Americans eat peanut butter. It's very, very good spread on a French baguette :) But don't blame us once you try it and are hooked if you start eating it from the jar with a spoon :D

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