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Ancient History Spine?

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I'm debating between SWB's History of the Ancient World, Spielvogel's Western Civilization, and the original WTM recommendation, A Short History of Western Civilization for Ancient History.


I thought I had this figured out, but after getting the SWB from the library, I don't love it, and I'm looking for other options. Maybe I should just stick with it a while longer before deciding. We're 6 weeks in, the schedule is still not going smoothly, and yes, I have a tendancy to second-guess myself.


I haven't seen the Spielvogel, but have seen it recommended in other places. Can anyone tell me how these compare in terms of readability, interest, length?



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Guest Meripoint

Hi - we are currently using the Founding of Christendom for my dd's 10th grade, second year of Ancients. It is excellent. Ideally, we would have used it last year as well, but I had not found it. It is rigorous and scholarly but highly readable. W. Carroll's credentials as a historian are tip-top. And he fully documents ALL of his assertions. I highly recommend it.

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