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His name is Lewis, he's 7 wks. old & joined our family this weekend!

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So as it turns out, DH has been wanting a dog of his own for several years. He's never shared this with me because I am not a dog person by nature and our two attempts at having a family dog here about ten years ago, ended with me so frustrated that I practically wanted to leave home. He just figured that he would never have a dog.


Well, we were out yesterday afternoon picking up two female show ducks for the boys for 4-H and dd, the 19 year old who is also a wonderful meddler, mentioned that dh has been wanting a dog for a long time, won't bring it up, and is heart broken because the perfect puppy of his dreams is available but he turned it down. So I said to dh, "Seriously, you didn't think you could bring this up? I'm that controlling that everything is only about what I want? You work sooooo hard for this family and if you want that puppy get it. Honestly, it bothers me that you'd confide in dd but not me."


As it turns out, he was just being really respectful of the fact that it makes more work for me and since he does work a lot of hours and I hate potty training anything, much less dogs, I'd have to be a part of that dreaded process. He just felt it was wrong to ask me to make that sacrifice. Well, as far as I'm concerned, Dh has more than earned his puppy and I love that man more than my own life; I can't imagine not being willing to do it for him.


So, we picked up this little butter ball. He is a King Charles Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel mix and a near replica of dh's dog, Shadow, of his childhood years. He's mostly black with brown highlights and a pinch of white here and there. Ds13 is absolutely enamored with the little guy as are the other two boys, so I think my work on the housebreaking end of things will actually be minimal. Though I am not a dog person, I have to admit that Lewis is fast working to break down that barrier and it's a delight to see him sleeping on dh's lap while he programs or takes a conference call. He's a quiet little character.


Thus, my Sunday afternoon involved acquiring a puppy and two ducks. The new hens are, shall we say, less than amused by their new arranged marriages. The drakes were quite excited at first with the concept of getting wives, but are now ignoring their better halves. The girls are playing cold shoulder to critical acclaim. I hope they warm up to each other eventually because we'd like for each pair to raise one clutch of ducklings. The girls are absolutely exquisite and relatively mild mannered so at least they should be trainable for the show table.


Oh, and the cat, our completely neurotic "I have species identification disorder/no fundamental understanding of the food chain and am therefore, terrified of the two bunny rabbits" is essentially terrified of the puppy. She weighs about 12 pounds (fat cat) and he weighs maybe two pounds. I swear that we have the dumbest cat in the history of felines.


Menagerie now includes, one cat, two rabbits, six ducks, one lizard, one turtle, one horse, and part ownership in some bottle fed sheep!



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How insensitive of you not to post a picture!


I tell my friends with new babies that if they do not send out regular pictures, we will be forced to assume that the baby is ugly. Same goes for puppies, so let's see him!



:iagree:Seriously, he's probably not that cute. Unless you can prove it.






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Yes, yes, picture please!


I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, so I'm partial. We also have two Cavalier/Cocker mixes (brothers) who live behind us, named (wait for it) Ben and Jerry. :tongue_smilie:


My kids want a puppy since our Golden Retriever passed away in February, but I'm not quite ready for another dog just yet. So, let us live vicariously through your little guy!

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