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Walking Club 10/11-10/17

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Good morning walkers! Welcome to another week :). 'Tis the season to get some fresh air and some exercise. Tighten up your sneaker strings, bring some music, an audio book, or whatever makes you happy, and go for a walk; it's amazing how far you go, and how quickly you get there, when you're not actually thinking about it (or thinking about all the 950 reasons you think you have to be doing something else :001_rolleyes:)!


Mon -1.5 mi

Tues- big fat zero :glare:

Wed - 2 miles

Thurs - 2.5 miles

Fri - 1 mile

Sat - a little over 2 miles

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Not sure how the rest of the week will go for me...we are off to see the in laws and will be out of town until Thursday night. I always have good intentions but you know how that goes. I walked this morning though. The dog training on the leash is going very well.


10.11 1.5 miles

10.12 & 10.13 I am not sure of the distance or time but I spent some time walking up & down hills at the IL's

10.14 If the dirt road dries out some today I will take the puppy for a walk uphill again.

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Good Morning! Thanks for keeping this log going!

I did finish up walking last week but I dont' think I finished up posting. :blush:


10.11 -- Pilates class instead of walking. Plus tree climbing in the afternoon! and a 30 minute stretching session at the Y during my daughter's gym time.

10.12 -- Walked an hour plus a short bike ride with my daughter b/f school.

10.13 -- Walked one hour.

10.14 -- nope, didn't walk

10.15 -- walked one hour

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Oooh, forgot to finish up posting for last week...I can't remember where I was...


I got in a great walk on Sat. w/my ds11. We walked all around the campground where we were staying. It's fun to see everyone's tents, campers, and gear!


Today, my friend and I walked our usual weekday half hour before she left for work.


Walk on!

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I'm walking 2 miles a day on the treadmill now at 7.5-10% incline. I have increased my speed from 2.5 to 2.8 and now most of it at 3.0.


Thursday - 0.5 miles on the elliptical and 2.25 miles on the treadmill (3.0 mph/10% incline)


I am working up towards 3 miles in 45 minutes at a 10% incline.

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Walked yesterday. I plan to walk today, too. I started carrying some 2 pound weights while I walk. My next goal is to go a farther distance.



So the weights . . . how does that work? Do you just carry them and the added weight gives you a better walking workout or do you do arm exercises as you walk?




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